25 July 2016
"SINUOSO" is a brand new furniture project from ALPE, which is inspired by the ancient chinese philosophy, present in Taoism and Confucianism.
The two halves of the same thing, Yin and Yang are symbol of the duality that exist in every element of the universe.

Two opposing and complementary entities that form the whole. They are the night that meets the day, and the day that meets the night.

These two realities come together in an harmonious way, blend but don't confuse with each other, maintaining its uniqueness while bounding a mutual existence.

This is the spirit thatguides us to furnish the most intimate and personal place of the house.

...the place where dreams come true...

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P.IVA - Reg. Impr. 01158510931 - Cap. sociale int. versato: € 520.000,00